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November 4th-10th, 2019

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Saturday May 11, 2019


Ridgecret, CA




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Dennis Harders

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Visitors to the Death Valley '49ers Encampment will enjoy musical entertainment every day throughout the event area.  When the sun goes down, you can listen to Dave Stamey, Old West Trio, and the Messick Family sing of the bygone era of wagon trains and Western pioneers.

The Fiddler's Stage at Furnace Creek Ranch and other locations offer a wide variety of entertainment all week long. Here you will find yodelers, crazy cowboys, and let's not forget our famous Coyote Howl open-mic performances! 

Membership is required to attend concerts so don't forget to wear your BUTTON.

View photos of our entertainers and our musician's camp.


2018 Entertainers


Dave Stamey ~ Master of Ceremonies

Dave Stamey has been bucked off and stomped by many horses. He has been stepped on by mules and dragged around branding pens by cattle of many sizes. He's ridden in the rain, in the snow, in the rain some more, in pretty nasty heat, and in feedlot pens where the air was thick and decidedly fragrant. He's even wrangled dudes.

He is an entertainer now, and makes his living inflicting himself upon innocent people at music festivals, agricultural banquets and backyard barbecues. He finds he prefers this. He has been voted Entertainer of the Year, Male Performer of the Year and Songwriter of the Year by the Western Music Association, and Male Vocalist of the Year by the Academy of Western Artists. To learn more about Dave, please visit:

Main website:



Old West Trio 

Presenting spot on renditions of some of the greatest Western tunes of all time, the Old West Trio balances silver-screen harmonies and newly minted cowboy classics with a dose of humor. The trio earned the Will Rogers Award for 2011 Best Western Music Duo/Group of the Year (Academy of Western Artists). Members are Steve Ide (rhythm guitar), Leslie Ide (upright bass), and Steve Johnson (lead guitar).

Main website:
I Want to Live Out West
Don't Tell Me 
Ghost Riders In The Sky 
Phone: 530-626-3638

The Messick Family Singers

Joining us for a second year, the Messick Family Singers bring with them a multi-generational sound of the Old West.  Hailing from Chimney Peak Ranch in the Eastern Sierras, the Messick Family Singers celebrate more than half a century of making music together as a family.  With appearances at Western gatherings and roundups throughout California, the Messick Family Singers continue a tradition of music spanning four generations.
Join Patriarch and Matriarch Wayne and Gail as they and their four children Virginia, Steve, Stacey and Scott blend harmonies as only family can.  This show promises to put a tap in your foot and a smile on your face as you share with them, the warmth of family and the musical grandeur of life in the majestic Sierra Nevada.